Privacy Policy

ZixiPay LLC and Delpa Tech UAB (collectively as “ZixiPay”, “we” and “us”) has prepared this privacy policy which provides overview and explanation as to how we treat the personal information of individuals who are users of our website,, and including but not limited to you using any of our products, services or applications in any manner, whether online or offline. ZixiPay will gather various types of information, which includes information identifying you as an individual; this is known as “Personal data” and/or “data”. ZixiPay is committed to protecting your personal data and respects your privacy. By continuing to use the ZixiPay website, you confirm that you are of legal age, and expressly agree with this Privacy Policy and consent to ZixiPay collecting, maintaining, using, and disclosing your personal data.


Information can have various ways of being obtained, including but not limited to a) information you provide us with and/or b) information that we collect;


When using the website as an example, details of your data are automatically registered by our server, such as your IP address, browser, the content you have visited, and how you landed on our pages, personal identification information, etc). In addition, we collect and store information such as your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, gender and other data transmitted to us through completion of online forms, inserting information through the portal, and/or any other newsletters, product demos, etc.

The main purpose of collecting data is:

  • Compliance with national and international legal and regulatory/supervisory provisions;
  • Identifying the client and suitability of the client in relation to the products and services offered and provided by ZixiPay;
  • Improving the quality of services to natural/legal persons;
  • Research and statistic analysis;
  • Facilitation of technical administration;
  • To take into consideration your online website behavior and trend;
  • Improve the quality of services and develop new ones;
  • Improve security by protecting against fraud and abuse;
  • To provide you with the transaction and post transaction-related services;
  • To inform you of products and/or services that may be of interest to you;
  • Ensuring network and information security;

All personal data is stored in accordance with the applicable laws on data protection.


Your personal data will be kept confidential and will be treated as such, it is to be noted that ZixiPay will only disclose website usage data and/or personal data, to third parties as permitted by law(s), where and if ZixiPay is legally obliged to do so or if such disclosure becomes necessary to enforce ZixiPay’s rights in particular to enforce claims arising from a contractual relationship, or required to comply with any judicial, and/or other proceedings, court order, legal process or pursuant to any governmental, intergovernmental and/or other regulatory bodies, whereby such disclosure may be executed by ZixiPay without prior notice to you. ZixiPay will not be liable for unlawful or unauthorized use of your personal information/passwords/username/login, etc due to misuse or misplacement of your passwords, negligent or malicious intervention and/or otherwise. ZixiPay may disclose your personal data to but not limited to business introducers, affiliates, any of the sister companies, (who might process data on behalf of ZixiPay and who may only use it for the same purposes as ZixiPay), third party service providers in order to process obligations arising from the agreement, financial institutions, banks, other similar organizations that we deal with in course of corporate business, external service providers and professional advisers, which may be located overseas, such as auditors, lawyers and accountants, any third parties where this is necessary to process a transaction or provide services which you have requested or for trade reporting purposes.


ZixiPay will as required by the Law, monitor and record any communication you have with us whether in writing, by phone or by electronic mail.


ZixiPay takes all appropriate security measures to ensure that the personal data/data collected and stored in connection with your visit to the website and/or in relation to the services and products provided by ZixiPay is protected against any unauthorized access, misuse, loss and/or destruction. ZixiPay uses physical and electronic security measures, including but not limited to the use of firewalls, personal passwords, encryption and authentication technologies. ZixiPay’s employees and service providers are bound by professional secrecy and must comply with all data protection provisions. It is to be noted, that access to personal data is restricted to specific employees, contractors and third party service providers who require this access in order to process the agreement between ZixiPay and you, all on a “need to know” basis and to be able to execute all obligations emanating from the agreements in place. It should be noted that data transmitted via an open network like the Internet cannot be fully protected from third-party access, although we take the best possible precautions to avoid any leakage of information/data. Any transmission of data via the internet is at your own risk, although we will exercise all ways in order to protect your personal data. Please note that all your actions while using this website may be recorded and analyzed for various purposes, including security, marketing and system monitoring purposes. ZixiPay adheres to strict security standards using the most up to date security technologies.


ZixiPay’s website uses cookies for statistical purposes and in order to improve the quality of services to the user. Cookies are small files that are placed on your device via your web browser when you visit ZixiPay’s website. Information is stored, such as the specific preferences when using the website. It is to be noted that you can configure your browser not to save any or only certain cookies on your device. There are different types of cookies such as ID cookies which do not expire when you close your browser, and persistent cookies with remains on your hard drive for a period of time. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may be able to change the settings of your browser to refuse all cookies or to have your device notify you each time a cookie is sent to it, and thereby the choice to accept it or not. It is strongly recommended that you allow cookies on our website to ensure you have best possible experience. Disabling the cookies may result in reduced performance of the website and our payment system platform, and may also impair the quality of the services that we provide you in relation to your account with us.


Links may appear on the website that are not operated or monitored by us, known as “third-party websites”, whereby such third party websites are not bound by this privacy policy and we are not responsible for their content. No warranties or liability related to the contents of such third party websites are made. Using links to third-party websites are at your own sole risk and discretion.


The use of our website shall be governed by the Laws of Switzerland.


ZixiPay retains client(s)’ data on record for a minimum period of at least two (2) years, which is calculated after the execution of the transactions or the termination/cancellation of the business relationship. ZixiPay shall not be required to delete data made pursuant to automatic archiving and back-up procedures in its IT systems, where a deletion is not possible or not possible without commercially unreasonable efforts.

Last modification: June 1, 2019